Introducing HeatBuddy

Your buddy in finding cheap home heating oil, made easy.

Our home heating oil price comparison app helps users save money and stay warm this winter. With our app, users can quickly and easily compare prices from local suppliers to find the best deals on heating oil. No more calling around or searching the internet - our app does the work for you. Plus, users can sign up for alerts to be notified when prices drop in their area. Download our app now and keep your home cozy and your wallet happy.

HeatBuddy Home Screen
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What can HeatBuddy do for you?

Regular Price Updates

Prices are updated every morning but if you find a price discrepency, you can report the proper price!

Dark Mode

Prefer it dark? Turn out the lights and enjoy dark mode.

Sortable List

Making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out what the best price is!


Everyone has a favorite! You can have many. Find yours and save it for the future.


Privacy is imporant. Which is why we're open about data we collect and why.


Get notified on price changes on your favorites.

Don't let us tell you how good we are!

See why users love saving money by using HeatBuddy.

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